Hello! Well i am not a native english speaker. I wrote a huge description of the site an hour before, and i was thinking to send it to one of my native english speaker friend for corrections. When i read it once; i felt that, this writting doesnt belongs to me. I destroyed the paper. Now i feel more free, but you have to carry on the situation.

  As stated from front page of blogwatch, PNF Blogwatch is a kind of non-profit feed aggregator that is specially designed for music blogs, it brings last 8 day activity from various delicious music blogs. A few years before there were less than a few dozens music blogs, discovering was easy, finding the music that interests you is easy.. Something happened, and every week, everday a new blog began to appear. I was happy, because the music that interests me is mostly new scene indie musician's albums, out of print, hard to find, not always affordable to buy (vinyls) albums etc.. Sometime later i started to miss some albums, because i was often forgetting to visit some blogs, and when i visit them, i was encountering mostly dead links.

  As a solution i used google reader for sometime, I submitted to blogs i like, to my account, and i started to track them from there..for few weeks it made me happy, but then unread posts began to increase, then more posts from blogs added, then more.. and most of the time the titles (of blog feeds) werent give a hint what it was about. In long term it became useless for me.

  I am a hobby programmer, i wrote programs to make my life easier, that makes me happy. i thought that how could i find a solution to track them. I had some extra space in the domain where we were hosting pnfforum. I began to make some experiments. It became a little bit useful, i shared it with my friends at prognotfrog. They like it and they found it useful too, then we decided to make a public version and named it PNF Blogwatch.

  We focused on "how can it be as simple as it can be", "how can visitors reach the music that they interest as quick as possible", "how can we be respectful to music blogs when we are bringing their shares without in conflict with general ethic" Currently i believe we found right answers for those questions.

  For some months -instead of using it as a visitor- i worked to make it better. Some sections needs to be automatic, and nowadays i am working on how can i lower the administrative load of this program (hopefully solutions exist, just some more time and coding..) all i want is, to be in the place of you, as quick as possible, to begin enjoying it :)

  Finally i want to tell i am a blogger myself for some years, is now a tiny part of my life. It started as "From Listers to Listeners", today the wind of the route is "From Musicians to Listeners". Many independent musicians,labels are more collaborative with music blogs in these days. It is a revolution! and it is nice to be a note in this silently growing melody..

  Nothing comes up to my mind to add more, time to copypaste this from notepad to its orginal place. :) Some older copypaste below:

  PNF Blogwatch uses Xaraya, Magpie RSS, jQuery, Highslide JS, Thumbshots

  PNF Blogwatch is a new project, and we are still working on to improve the code, better user interface, automation of some sections etc etc. If you have suggestions, feature requests, or if you find some kind of weird bugs, please don't hesitate to contact us to make PNF Blogwatch way better.